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The global microcosm of Manhattan houses millions of residents and tourists interested in getting a piece of the Big Apple. Happily, this dense population has encouraged the development of a food culture so rich that tripping out of one food establishment—possibly due to being overcome by the mind-numbing scent of chocolate or an impossibly large variety of cheeses—could result in landing in another equally astonishing gastronomic location. Don’t worry about battling against millions of hungry, grumbling stomachs; there’s enough for everybody.

“City Bites” aims to showcase a selection of notable food-related destinations in Manhattan. Want a meal but only have a few lonely dollars in your wallet? Have a hankering for a juicy hamburger? Need a box of chocolates for your sweetheart that surpasses the selection at Duane Reade? This website may have a solution to your food predicaments (you weren’t really thinking of going to Duane Reade, right?). In addition to reviews on restaurants and specialized food vendors, our writers share fond food memories, articles about ingredients that may lie forgotten in the back of your cupboard (if there at all) and some of our favorite recipes, tested for the safety of your taste buds.

Some may say that it’s more prudent to “eat to live” rather than “live to eat”. We probably fit into the “live to eat” category, but we choose to say nothing as our mouths are currently occupied, chewing on a delicious loaf of Sullivan Street Bakery bread. Feel free to explore our site and take our advice before wandering around the Big Apple—just don’t forget to bring napkins and cutlery.

Robyn Lee

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